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**General Information: 12th International Conference on Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modeling, 2024 (ICAAMM 2024)**


We are thrilled to announce the 12th International Conference on Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modeling (ICAAMM 2024), set to take place in 2024, July, 19-23. This esteemed event endeavors to create a vibrant platform where eminent scholars and researchers can share their latest findings, advancements, and innovations in the realms of applied analysis and mathematical modeling across engineering and scientific disciplines. 


Our vision is to delve deep into both foundational theories and cutting-edge techniques that shape contemporary science and technology. Moreover, we aim to ignite further research passion and dialogue surrounding nonlinear science and its complexities. The conference promises an insightful exploration of foundational theories, analytical methodologies, computational strategies in nonlinear physical science, and the intricate world of nonlinear mathematics.


We are privileged to host many renowned scientists, set to deliver illuminating presentations on their specializations. It is with immense pleasure that we extend an invitation to you to experience the beauty and culture of Istanbul. With the 12th iteration of this conference, we assure participants of our proven expertise in the field and pledge our utmost effort to ensure an enriching experience for all.


**Event Details:**
- **Host:** Biruni University, Istanbul, Turkey
- **Format:** Face to Face
- **Dates:** 19th-23th July 2024


**Highlighted Topics Include (but are not limited to):**

  • Algebra and Related Topics 
  • Algebraic Statistics and Its Applications 
  • Analysis and Its Application 
  • Applied Algebra and Its Applications: 
  • Applied Mathematics and Modeling
  • Biological and (Bio)Medical Complexity
  • Complex Systems
  • Complexity in Physics and Chemistry
  • Data-driven dynamical systems
  • Discontinuous dynamical systems and control
  • Fractional Calculus and Its Applications 
  • Geometry and Its Applicatins
  • Mathematical methods in artificial intelligence
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mathematics with Computer Sciences
  • Modeling of nonlinear processes in biology, oceanography, and other areas
  • Neurodynamics and brain dynamics
  • Nonlinear classical and fractional differential equations and applications
  • Nonlinear dynamical systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics and engineering nonlinearity
  • Nonlinear electronic circuits
  • Nonlinear Optics, Soliton and Solitary Waves
  • Numerical Analysis and Applications
  • Opto electronic devices and optical modelling
  • Social dynamics and complexity
  • Switching systems with impulses
  • Synchronization and chaos control

**Publication Details:**
All accepted papers will be featured in distinguished journals, indexed in SCIExpanded, Scopus and zbMATH. Select contributions will also be consolidated in a chapter book with an international ISBN, available in PDF format. 


We eagerly anticipate your participation and collaboration in making this event a grand success!


Developed by Dr. Aydin Secer 2014-Istanbul